About us

Zanskar arts was established and registered in 1982 by the founder and owner, putting out first outlet store in Srinagar, dependent on visiting tourist to valley                    As days scroll ,Zanskar arts become a brand itself which had put 2nd outlet and first outlet of out  state , days moved and new things came up ,along with new buyers and where satisfied with quality and hospitality of products and  founder , still today company had added many more outlets around country.


Company never earned only for itself but generated and employed many more of peoples, in which there are much more success businessmen who were employees of the ZANSKAR ARTS.

Company also supported small crafts person around valley to deliver the artwork and hard worked products to our outlets.

 Introducing a new platform ‘’ZAS’

ZAS, “born” in Kashmiri conforms to the idea of rebirth. ZAS is an evolutions of ZANSKAR ARTS into an online platform, which is more varied and diversified, ZAS is not only make online shopping easy but also provides with diverse options to choose among a range of categories like lifestyle, home personal ,food ets, from directly by sellers.

our motive is to make a differcey by affordable price and quality products to bridge between sellers and buyers

 As world is going toward digitalization so Zanskar arts also made platform for unrecognized crafts person and seller.

 www.zas.world  .