Zanskar Arts Overview By MakeMyTrip

Zanskar Arts Overview By MakeMyTrip - ZANSKAR ARTS

 "Zanskar Arts is a famous and frequented shop, situated in the main marketplace of Leh.

        This shop sells authentic Pashmina, Cashmere and Silk Shawls, which are recognised for their warmth and soft texture.

         In addition to shawls and stoles, it deals in exquisite Kashmiri carpets and bedsheets that are known across the globe for their intricate designs.

Ladakhi Apricots                                                                                                  BUY                                                    

Visitors can buy exclusive Ladakhi handicrafts and rare Buddhist artefacts from this shop, as souvenirs of their trip to this beautiful region.

        Precious gemstones, silver ornaments and white gold jewellery are also sold here, which are sure to delight women.

       Zanskar Arts is one of the few shops in the city, where pure leather bags can be purchased. With the vast variety of goods kept for sale.

       This place never fails in attracting and impressing visitors looking for specialities of Leh."

Kashmiri khewa                                                                                         BUY

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