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Zanskar Arts.

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Mr.Bashir Ahmad Razaki

Founder of Zanskar Arts in the year of 1982, the Men who started from Zero and now still works with same dedication toward his own made company.

Ashiq A Razaki

Managing Partner, Fouder of the the new age  Zanskar Arts into Digitizing the company, and creating Online store of Zanskar Arts in New age easy shopping methods 

Our Team

Zanskar Arts had created more the 1000 jobs since it was established and more then 100 job creators too, our team had always worked with dedication and fully in mood of learning and working in honestly towards customer's.

                                       About Us

Zanskar Arts was Founded by the Bashir Ahmad Razaki, who had dream to make his own job creator surrounding in his society, in the year 1982 he created the firm with all legal paper work and government registration so that firm will move smoothly and function anywhere in country.
Since then Zanskar Arts Became job creator and as well made so many family live happyly who them self Got good value of there Craft in Our Stores .we believe in making people live happly Buy or sell in our company, We also generated the much more Job creators Who them self Do same business and became job creators too, Our Roots Are all Our the Country Who Are smoothly running there own business. we had stated Just to have stated registration but later on we moved to other state too have our store and made our instate customers easier to shop our products.
We believe in improving our everyday by reading our customers comments and suggestions in all platform and in store face to face, zanskar arts valued our all customers whoever and wherever they stay, we build our good customers relationship all our world where we export our products to anywhere with our exporter trade licenses .
we are very thankful to our government who also made our business easy and smooth going at any platform

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What our clients have to say

"I loved shopping your collection... would visit again in near future"
and love know when you all start online selling option , or shopping app which will more comfortable to shop.

Ahsanam Sanwar
They didn't pushed for shopping but provided a lot of information about various kinds of pashmina and other shawls. The prices seems reasonable, they gave a discount as everywhere in Leh. The shop is popular among Indian tourists. It's a pleasurable place and their things bring joy.

Svetlana S
Excellent Shop
Excellent customer care and products , great quality and range of products ,wide variety of products with quality and friendly staff.

lokeshwar k
Army Official

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Zanskar Arts

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